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Chilaquiles Factory is a local Hispanic-Woman Owned Small

Business. it is located in the beautiful city of Cedar Park at 200 Buttercup Creek Blvd.

Chilaquiles are one of the most delicious dishes

for breakfast in Mexico, especially in San Luis Potosí, a city located in central Mexico, where our restaurant owner was born, she brought the original recipe from San Luis, that's the reason she decided to specialize in Chilaquiles because it brings her great memories.

Chilaquiles are made out of corn tortilla cut in

small squares and fried until they get a crunchy texture, then you can add your favorite salsa, cheese, and even some eggs or fajitas on top. Chilaquiles Factory has an extensive variety of Chilaquiles, from traditional and vegan to desserts made with delicious caramel. If you are now craving this deliciousness, please visit us soon at Chilaquiles Factory!

At Chilaquiles Factory we're always working as

hard as possible to deliver great food and service to our customers and continuously adding more entrées to our menu. Our restaurant owner has some studies about Plant-Based food and due to the high demand for Vegan food, she had the wonderful idea of creating an amazing Vegan Menu, with this addition, Chilaquiles Factory now has the best food of both worlds Tex Mex and Vegan Tex Mex + our traditional Mexican dishes like our Authentic Chilaquiles.

Don't forget to ask for our Vegan Menu next time you visit us, you will be surprised by the delicious Vegan entrées you'll find on it. Now you and your vegan friends can enjoy a wonderful dinner with us. Please visit us soon!

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We present our dishes with fresh ingredients and genuine techniques that will always leave you wanting more. Chilaquiles Factory is committed to improving every day to ensure a wonderful and satisfying dining experience for all to enjoy.

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